AUGUSTUS THOMPSON Opens Thursday March 7 6-9pm


Untitled (Digital/Physical #33) 19x13

Blurring the boundaries between digital existence and the material world, Thompson digests and re-contextualizes his environment through a printing process of layering stock images of Nikes, Chief Keef video stills, and imagery from his corporeal existence, Thompson creates new landscapes and abstract self-portraits. Thompson describes his practice by noting, “As recorders of our own histories, we inevitably project our interests and insecurities into the landscapes we find ourselves in.”

The physical confines of an apartment workspace and his ongoing interest in exploring the image led Thompson to address and utilize a new practice of creating. A physical and material departure from earlier painting and sculpture, Thompson’s voice and sensibilities of environment remain clear. Thompson has redefined the scale of his work using a desktop printer with a capacity to print up to 13” x 19”, also know as A3+ or SuperA3. Creating an ongoing flow of desktop digital prints, A3+ is now the scale of his current practice.

"I am unable to distinguish between the feeling I have about life and my way of translating it." Matisse
Augustus Thompson born 1985 in Richlands, Virginia, lives and works in Los Angeles. Thompson holds a BFA from University of California, Santa Cruz and was awarded the William Hyde and Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship, as well as the Irwin Project Grant. Thompson’s work has been exhibited in San Francisco at Mollusk, Fifty24SF, Triple Base Gallery and Gallery Paule Anglim; in Los Angeles at New Image Art; and in Copenhagen at V1. Hold Tight will be Thompson’s first solo-show, and second exhibition at Ed. Varie.

Hold Tight will be on view from March 7 - April 7, 2013. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact the gallery.


Untitled (Digital/Physical #4) 13x19

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