Ellery Samson 2008/12 Opens February 7th 6-9pm

Hooray! Our first exhibition of 2013!

Ed. Varie is pleased to present 2008/12, an installation by multi-media artist Ellery Samson.

Opening Reception Thursday, February 7, 2013 6–9 pm.

2008/12 will be Samson’s first solo show in New York, as well as a debut of a new body of work. After four years of turbulence, personal, and structural collapse while living in New York, Samson extracts the beauty and energy that remains burned into his psyche and creates an abstract form installation at Ed. Varie. Samson uses paper; silk-screened, found, photocopied, obsessively dissected; to express different emotive thoughts and reasoning behind each element of the installation; beauty, collapse, nostalgia, hope, and a reminder of life to be lived. Samson has released a number of self-published zines, and also with NY based publisher Swill Children. There will be limited edition small-scale extractions of Samson’s work available for purchase at the reception.

Samson studied fine art at the San Francisco Art Institute. A majority of Samson’s artistic career has revolved around sound and performance art. Samson, currently signed with Discos Huelga, formed Crime Novels, The Mall, and Cancer Fad, releasing four albums concurrently. Among regular touring with The Mall and Cancer Fad, Crime Novels performed at P.P.O.W in New York, and at the Children’s Art Museum in Austin, TX. Ellery Samson, born 1976, currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA. 

2008/12 will be on view through March 3, 2013. Please contact the gallery director for an appointment, info@edvarie.com. For any additional information, such as preview images and gallery hours, you may visit our website, edvarie.com.

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