She’s Crafty, Ed. Varie, and The New Museum

From Wednesday November 14 - Sunday January 20, 2013 an assortment of the following publications will be presented at the New Museum on a rotating cycle. Look for notes and updates along the way…

Thank you in advance to all of the publishers for their dedication to the independent art book community, and very special thanks to Ken Farmer and Brian Lamotte! You’re the BEST!

Amanda Marsalis\Spring Zine\Reproduction

Clare Dupont\Vodun

Mai Ueda\Drawings From My Previous Life

Erika Altosaar\L’Entranger

Anne Lai\Ten Ten Two

Thayer Gowdy\Take Me to the Sea

Edie Fake\Gaylord Phoenix 3\4\5

Kathryn Kerr\Humours

Martine Stig\Sisters

Hanna Terese Nilsson\Portraits

Lisa Pouner\Poems

Camille Vivier\Couleurs du Spectre

Eline Mugaas\Elise Storsveen\Album #5

Amanda Marsalis\Lost At Sea

Estelle Hanania\Parking Lot Hydra

Kate Steciw\The Strangeness of This

Anouck Kruithof\The Daily Exhaustion

Lena Guimont\Where Am I

Lena Corwin\Maria Vettese\The Journal of Plants

Martine Stig\Sisters

Lisa Pouner\Poems

Sara Cwynar\Simulated Landscapes

Camille Vivier\Couleurs du Spectre

Lucie Kim\MyOrb 2\3

Aidan Koch\After Nothing Comes\2012, DrawingsAnne Lai\Ten Ten Two

Thayer Gowdy\Some Parts of Most Afternoons\Take Me to the Sea

Denise Schatz\Book of Books\Books+Records\Gena\Plantlife/Tokyo\Toefelsberg

Sarah Elliot\A-I-M-E-R

Meg Forsyth\SLVT

New Museum Public Hours:

Wednesday 11 a.m.–6 p.m. Thursday 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Friday–Sunday11 a.m.–6 p.m.

Museum Night! Free Admission on Thursday Evenings from 7 p.m.– 9 p.m.

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