Apropos of Nietzche and Aprons Opens Tomorrow!

Ed. Varie is pleased to present Apropos of Nietzsche and Aprons, with opening reception Wednesday April 4, 7-10 pm.

Apropos of Nietzsche and Aprons is a two-man show including artist Walter Fields and Matthew Stearns. Both artists live and work in the East Village, and have previously shown at the storefront that EV now occupies. We are thrilled to welcome them to back for this special engagement.

Walter Fields is a painter exploring the colossal impact of Nietzsche’s writings through painting and drawing. In lieu of the idle question ‘Who was Nietzsche?’ it may better serve to ask  What is Nietzsche?’ The free spirit, the moralist, the scientist, the anti-scientist, the prophet, or the fool, which Nietzsche do you need? The human eye is able to distinguish over 10,000 shades of color and yet what few names for colors we possess. Likewise in human experience an infinite variety of judgments may deliver conclusions void of judgment. Good, bad and ugly is the shorthand  - or the vendetta - of those in search of fixed conclusions.

Matthew Stearns is an artist dedicated to making contemporary folk-art aprons. He has been working in this medium for over a decade. Each apron is carefully crafted, cataloged, and an annual Apron Calendar is created. Matthew has expanded his goals and created The Aprons Project, a traveling gallery to promote art programs in public schools across the country. The Aprons Project officially began in 2010 and will conclude December 2019. Upon project completion, Matthew will begin a cross-country trip to exhibit the aprons in public schools in January of 2020.  Apropos of Nietzsche and Aprons, which will include a preview of the 2012 aprons, January, February, and March, and will also act as a fundraising event for Matthew and The Aprons Project.

Apropos of Nietzsche and Aprons will be on view at Ed. Varie through Sunday April 8th.

Ed. Varie is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and also by appointment. Please email hello@edvarie.com for additional information.

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