Marc Hundley & Andrew Long

Opening Reception Thursday June 21 6-9 pm!

Between Two States is a two-person exhibition featuring the artwork of Andrew Long and Marc Hundley.

Between Two States is collaborative installation that explores a natural dialogue between Long’s photographic-based timber sculptures and Hundley’s works on paper.

Hundley’s fabricated advertisements, posters, flyers, postcards, flags and t-shirts signify the passing of time and insist upon an embrace of the everyday occurrence. For this installation, Hundley will produce text-based posters bearing prose appropriated from literature and music that directly relate to a feeling or personal experience. Veiled by an understated palette, the passages of text suggest the desire for an intimate commitment from the viewer.

Expanding upon his experimentation with close-up blurred portraits and abstraction of film grain and human form, Long will exhibit two new sculptures that interrupt conventional modes of viewing with regard to the photographic image. Housed in compositions of timber, glass, aluminum and mirror, these portraits remain anonymous and refuse to completely yield to the viewer. A private exchange between the photograph and the mirror limits perspective to the outer edges of the print, containing the distance needed to clearly identify the subject.  

Between Two States will be an evocative synthesis of two intimate bodies of work that have an assertive physical presence and yet possess an inherent urge to hide. Long’s sculptures play the role of strangers in a situation set up by Hundley’s lyrical works on paper. A bridge is formed between the personal and the shared, the realized and the unfulfilled, exploring the dual potential in human relationships.

Marc Hundley is an artist based in New York City. Recent exhibitions include Herald St, London; Neon Parc, Melbourne; Team Gallery, New York; and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney. He is represented by Team Gallery, New York.

Andrew Long is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Recent exhibitions include Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide; Gallery A.S, Sydney; and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. He is currently studying at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.

Between Two States will be on view at Ed. Varie through July 8, 2012. Please contact the gallery for additional information and hours, 646.823.9353.